Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Slippery slight slowdown (week 9 status report)

I didn't do a whole lot this week. I'm not sure why or how. Lots of other stuff to do, mostly. As an example, I completely forgot to participate in round 2 of Summer of Code, and looking back to it, it seemed like it had fun problems. :( Oh well.

I started the week by investigating the new rulesets a bit.
I started by reading Tigris & Euphrates, but I gave up after a while. Usually, I enjoy a good boardgame, but I never played this one before and I didn't really feel like reading through the rules. I should really have another try at it because nuleren has done a lot of work on it and it's probably a lot of fun, but it's a bit too much effort for me at the moment I think, I can still focus on other things. Sorry nuleren!
After that, I tried Dronesec. I miserably failed at getting it to run. Perhaps I'm just spoiled by the easiness of tpserver-cpp, but tpserver-py and the whole structure of setting up Dronesec was a bit annoying. Can't blame anyone for that, of course. On his blog, JLafont said he was going to make the whole thing a bit more usable, so I'll try again in a short while. It might be that the error I got was something different though, I should see about that.
So I mostly focused on Risk. First thing was to figure out how those wormholes work, and I talked a bit with vi1985 and jphr about it and we have it figured out now. I didn't really use them though, because I already had a system with probe orders set up and I want to keep at least one example of probe orders in my system for those wanting to learn the technique.
I also created a few more constraints to use in Risk, one to represent the armies on a planet and one for the amount of recruitable armies.

Now all that remains is to actually create a Risk AI. It's really strange how my inspiration runs dry on that task. It's probably because I don't have enough experience with the game itself though, and playing a match against oneself quickly becomes boring and tedious in switching the interfaces. Chicken and egg, much? Well, small steps I suppose, and make it incrementally better.

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Victor said...

Final 100 meters... would it be a photo-finish? ;)