Sunday, August 17, 2008

The final * (week 10-11 status report)

Countdown? Cut? Straw? Fantasy? You fill it in.

So, it seems I missed a week. Sorry. I don't think it really makes a difference now, there's only two days left anyway. What is the state? Well, I have a working AI for the Risk ruleset. It's a bit mediocre, but it will provide some opposition. I might tweak it a bit the next few hours, but I'm mostly done with it.

Let's see what it does... It will expand into neutral territory, it will move its troops to protect the borders of the empire, reinforce where needed and it will attack without hesitation. The last one is a bit of a problem, as it doesn't really pick its target really well. I might take another look at.

I've had some problems with playtesting though. tpclient-pywx kept crashing my X server at seemingly random times. Sometimes I could play a few turns, sometimes it'd crash three times during one turn. I ran tpserver-cpp and daneel-ai in a detached screen session and reconnected each time, but I assure you it's not really pleasant. I'm not sure what the bug is, it's probably something in or it might be in kwin 4.1 or who knows where. I don't have time to figure it out now. Also, this only seems to happen with Risk. I blame wormholes bending my computer's space-time-continuum or something.

What else... I should probably take a look at Colonization orders now that they should work again, and I could help out the other students. A battle against vi1985's AI or helping ezod with his singleplayer wizard looks good to me. I suppose I should also make another human player play against my bot to see what they think. And I have to write a load of docs.

I'd also like to make a video to show off daneel-ai, and to better analyze what it is doing - reading through megabytes of log files isn't the fun way to do that. However, Starmapper seems not to cooperate with Risk (or the other way around), so that'll have to wait for a while.

So, time to finish the last small things, and that concludes GSoC 2008. *epic music*

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