Saturday, July 19, 2008

(week 7 status report)

I've lost track of the days. I heard it was Friday yesterday, so time for another report...

So, as said last week, I wanted to do longterm storage and perhaps some parsing this week. I finished longterm storage and updated the rfts-rules ruleset to remember the list of unvisited stars between turns. I also did the parsing and updated the rules to use a CHR-like syntax. A lot more readable and easy to write! And I made some small improvements to the framework.

Next week I'll try to separate the RFTS-specifics from the framework. I'm not entirely sure yet how the end-user interface will look like, so I'll have to think a bit about that first. But when that is done, the framework is essentially done. I can then start giving some more interesting behavior to the bot and let a couple of them fight against each other.

Which reminds me. I've made a small video (using Starmapper - fun thing btw) of daneel-ai colonizing an undefended universe. Going on a bit about starmapper: the main problem here is it can only download information from one player and thus needs a guest account with full visibility to be able to view and map everything in a multiplayer game. A nice project would be to add some sort of report dump to the server, which can then be used by Starmapper to generate the pictures. The reports/pictures would be disabled (or inaccessible until the game has finished) for public servers. Another option would be to allow Starmapper to log in with different accounts and download and merge the information, but that doesn't sound as elegant. Something to think about, perhaps.

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