Saturday, June 14, 2008

Nothing to see here, move along (week 3 status report)

Exams, not much done. If you want information about routing protocols on the internet (from VLAN over link state to BGP), DNS spoofing, block designs, Polya theory or deadlock prevention I'm all here though.

Although, Wednesday, I did take a look at trying to get the constraint store working. Thinking my design wasn't really going to cut it, I started to read some papers about other CHR implementations, realizing that I'm actually getting far away from pure CHR. Well, doesn't matter. It'll be a system inspired by CHR and other expert rule systems then. I also realized there might be a bit more work to it than I thought. Oh well, I love a challenge.

So, next weekend will still be spent studying. Exam Monday, after that a bit more work on a paper that has to be handed in Tuesday. From Tuesday on I should finally be able to work on SoC again.

Also something to keep in mind: next time I'll write a 3D client. I mean, seriously, look at this beauty. All I might have to show off eventually is a bunch of spreadsheet graphs.

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