Thursday, May 15, 2008

Debian and other fun

First, in case you use Debian, Ubuntu, *buntu, or any other Debian derivate make sure you have secure keys. See for more information.

Today, I had to read that and regenerate my keys. Coincidentally, I'm currently studying how all this stuff works in our course of "discrete maths". I found it to be quite shocking that something as important as OpenSSL (or to be more precise, the Debian variety of OpenSSL) had a security flaw for 2 years. Considering the recent uptake of Ubuntu, it might mean that a million of people are vulnerable right now. Granted, most normal people don't use DSA, but from the SoC students of last and this year, for example, there might be a lot of victims. Big ouch.

In more positive news, a friend of mine had a recommendation for Python learners and masters: The Python Challenge. A notpron kind of thing were every step has to be solved with Python. Have fun.

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